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Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch has been serving the best mesquite BBQ chicken and and tri-tip for over 20 years. They use only mesquite charcoal to cook their meat and it makes all the difference. Chicken Ranch is a local favorite and caters a large number of events in the area each year. Their newest location opened in 2013, bringing The Ranch to the city of Ventura. With 3 locations in operation, there’s no shortage of Chicken Ranch fans in Santa Barbara!

Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch was ready to expand but needed help updating their online image to match their locations. When ZeeBlu showed them the design for their new website, they knew they had to have it. Their old website held no SEO value and was in need of updated photography and design. ZeeBlu initiated an SEO strategy, built Chicken Ranch a new website, created an email campaign and started managing their Facebook page in order to bring their fun-loving brand online consistency. Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch now engages with their customers through each of these platforms, driving traffic to their website and Facebook pages with monthly specials that bring them in the door. SEO is building their recognition in the new Ventura market and we have some fun videos being released in the near future..

For over 50 years, Girls Inc of Greater Santa Barbara has been the leading non-profit in providing youth services to girls ages 4 1/2 to 18. They have recently partnered with zeeblu as part of a digital marketing strategy to aggresively expand their reach 30%. The following is an interview Charles Caldwell, Director of Advancement with Girls Inc, SB.

“For over 50 years Girls Inc., through educational programs, activities, and advocacy has brought inspiration to countless Santa Barbara area girls aged 5 to 18 years old. With programs that encourage girls to take risks, acquire skills, gain confidence, become self-reliant and practice leadership, Girls Inc. fills the world with women ready to make a difference. With centers in both downtown Santa Barbara and Goleta, Girls Inc. of Santa Barbara has earned outstanding recognition among the county’s non-profits.”
“In mid 2013 we set a very ambitious goal. Over the next two years we would grow the number of girls we were serving by 30%. It’s a huge undertaking for any business to grow by 30%. For us, our bottom line is not just about revenue and expense, it’s also about our mission. We wanted to increase the number of girls we were having an impact on. So then the challenge became; how would we raise the necessary funds? How would we find the necessary volunteers? How would we be able to reach out to and enroll that many more girls? The answer to that question was more effective marketing."
“One of our greatest challenges today, is maintaining effective communication with our customers - who consist of not only our girls, but also the families, our donors, and our volunteers. We needed a website that was more than a billboard for the organization. Instead of just a passive place waiting to be stumbled upon, it needed to be engaging and informative - a place people want to visit to learn more about our business and our mission. We also realized the importance of a living-engaging Facebook presence. The need to reach out to the community through social media is undeniable. Nothing presents the same opportunity to connect people and achieve true engagement, thereby igniting people with the desire to learn more about our mission, and what we're trying to achieve. We consider all of our girls, volunteers, and donors to be stars. What was lacking was the ability to share their evergreen story with the community. Today donors want to understand not only what your mission is, but how it’s being put into action. They want to see the impact of their donation dollars. It used to be okay to say “we do goods," and expect support. Today however, donors want to know where their dollars are going. They want to know what's happening with them, who's doing what with those dollars, and who is getting the benefit. We were in need of an email solution. We have the contact lists, but our families, volunteers, and donors get hundreds of emails every day. What was going to make them read our email? The answer was an email funnel system. A system that is custom tailored to grab their attention, speak to them, and inspire them to come back and learn more about our business. Most people don’t think about non-profits in terms of having competition. Santa Barbara County has the highest number of nonprofits per capita of any community in America. We're all in this together. We're all trying to make a better community. But, there is a sense of competition. How do we measure up as we look at other organizations? What are they doing that we're not doing? Because we're in the business of caring, you don't really want to think of terms of market share or bottom-line competitors. But we're still a business. We employ people. We have constituencies that depend upon the work that we do, and we're devoted to that mission. We do think about those hard business practicalities. What is going to set us apart? What is our unique value proposition, and most importantly, how are we going to communicate that to the community we serve. What motivates our donors to invest with us? And how do our customers choose that we are the best place for their daughters? We truly believe that we offer an unparalleled experience for young women in Santa Barbara, and to achieve our goal of 30% growth, we needed an effective channel of communication.
I knew quite a bit about marketing, but digital marketing was a new arena. As I thought about moving forward with digital marketing, from Facebook, website design, e-mail strategies, to Search-engine optimization, I had a lot to learn and one thing was certain - we needed a partner. This was a big decision and our growth depended on it. We needed somebody who would listen and give us time to formulate our thoughts, without the pressure, to act immediately. As we were trying to decide between different companies that might help us with our digital marketing, I did what anybody would do. I asked around. I went to different members of the community who might have some experience with this, and I asked them who they thought would be helpful in this effort. Some friends I knew who had local businesses, had even worked with ZeeBlu in the past. What I heard was a resounding vote of confidence. ZeeBlu had a fantastic track record of personal service, and success at delivering on the different communications strategies that we had been talking about. There was a sense of personal commitment from the people at ZeeBlu. They helped us to identify our needs, and how to move forward. Other companies were more focused on laying a “product” on the table and then basically saying, "take it or leave it", and it was coming at a higher price. With ZeeBlu, there was a sense of teamwork and genuine dedication to our success. It felt like I wasn’t just hiring a company, but gaining a partner.
“We felt that it was crucial to create a consistent message across all the different digital marketing platforms, but the first step was to nail down the messages themselves. In our case we needed to define messages for each of the key constituencies, ones that were subtly different. ZeeBlu turned out to not just be experts in the technical aspects of websites, funnels, and video - they were marketing experts. They quickly grasped the dynamics of our situations and became a constructive partner in developing and refining messages. We would be using SEO, email funnels, Facebook and video programs to drive visitors to our website. Needless to say, our website needed to sing. More than just a destination, it needed to be an extension of all our other digital strategies; educating, motivating and informing - a call to action. Many of our stakeholders are on Facebook. We saw the need to be able to reach out and connect with them. ZeeBlu helped us recognize the importance of Facebook as a place where people could engage and celebrate their own participation in our program and success - while opening doors to new connections. Another area of definite impact was e-mail. We needed a comprehensive funnel strategy - centered on varied, timely, and salient communication points - which could be delivered via email to our donors, families, and extended community. Finally we felt video was going to be a key step forward for us across all of the digital marketing platforms. Video carries with it a lasting and emotional impact. We have state of the art facilities that are a testament to the munificence of our donors and supporters, who host events and work tirelessly to support our cause. The end result of this, is the continued growth of the girls who benefit directly from our facilities and programs. It’s possible to make an impact and reach people with the written word, and pictures, but videos are evocative.
“In some ways a not for profit is the same as any other business in terms of getting approval for an investment expense. We need to quantify the expected business impact, demonstrate we understand our needs and have done proper due diligence relative to our preferred solution. We need to have the initial and ongoing cost implications clearly laid out, as well as be ready to talk about result risks and how we plan to mitigate those risks in the project. Where things are different, is in the operating culture. The culture is not one of departments competing for budget dollars. There is a conscious focus on making all key decisions, collectively by the group. There are also often very active boards that take seriously the charter of overseeing the use of donor funds to maximize achievement of the mission. They don’t view the operation as a business, it’s a mission. Every dollar that does not directly relate to services being delivered to target beneficiaries is scrutinized. And if your board is not active in social media, you will need to educate them on the benefits, and overcome skepticism, of digital marketing. Finally, in a not for profit pressure always exists to transfer dollar expenditures into donations. and everyone on the board likely knows someone who might be interested in volunteering or someone who could provide digital marketing services. From college students working part time to high end marketing firms out of LA, the quality/price matrix range was extreme and how do you prove someone’s niece probably can’t handle the Facebook program? At Girls Inc., we have a variety of different stakeholders. We have our Board of Directors who helps govern and set the direction for us as an organization. We have committees within that who are responsible for marketing. Our marketing development committee was comprised of board members and other community members. We had our executive staff team who oversees all operations within our organization and we had a mid-level management team overseeing individual departments. To move forward, we had to develop buy-in from each one of those stakeholders. In the beginning we were able to work with Zeeblu on a very small basis and developed a couple of videos for an event that we were doing. When we able to show these to different constituencies their reaction was - Wow, that's really cool, we'd like to have more of that. We had our digital marketing plan ready to go, so we first went to our departmental group. When staff was fully on board, we went to our marketing development committee. ZeeBlu had assembled website examples from other Not for Profits in the community, so it was easy to recognize we needed a new website. From there we were able to talk about Facebook and what might happen if we were able to increase our Facebook presence and communicate with so many different people via social media. We were able to get our marketing development committee on our side. When we went to the board of directors to review the overall budget we were ready to talk about the specific goals and strategies in our digital marketing plan. An in-house option approach would require a hefty chunk of money to be added to our budget, so there was no other option but to go with an outside agency. And ZeeBlu was already an active partner for whom we could showcase the event videos.”
It’s very difficult as a nonprofit to make a decision to allocate dollars to this crazy thing called marketing. What's going to be the benefits of marketing? What's the return on investment? For Girls Inc., we not only have our staff, but also a Board of Directors that is engaged in the decision-making of our organization and helping to direct the organization. We had to be able to justify the investment. For us, there's really three ways in which we're hoping to get a return on the investment. One is the refinement of our communication points. What is our message? What are we trying to get across? Two, define who our customer is a little bit better, so that we can find the best way to communicate to them. Three, in the end, developing a more complex communication strategy to reach all of our customers. Success in all three areas would drive more donors and more donations from existing donors. Success would drive more volunteers choosing to make Girls Inc. the place where they would give back to the community. Success would mean more families would choose to entrust their daughters to our program. Failure would mean we could not reach our 30% growth goal. In the end the board recognized that given our goal we could not just do more of the same. We had to make the leap into digital marketing. They respected the upfront investment ZeeBlu had made in the partnership. And when they reached out to their connections in the community who were already ZeeBlu customers, the stories of success and ROI results allayed their concerns.
Several things became obvious to us as we looked at options. There were hundreds of companies who could pitch digital marketing services. Most were focused in one area or another but always ready and willing to take on a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. They were not marketing experts. They were not typically focused on delivering a business impact result, but rather getting the website done, or setting up a Facebook page. It took time but we could usually separate out the 90% of the options that were not what we needed by checking out their digital marketing presence, or that of their customers whom they showcased, or looking to visit their office and meet their team (which often turned out not to be a team). There were few real digital marketing agencies that could develop and execute a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. The few real agencies that we found turned out to be very expensive. There was a reason for the difference and it was reflected in the price. But somehow ZeeBlu was there and the price point was far lower than any other agency we could qualify. The key steps in our due diligence process were:
  • Had ZeeBlu delivered comprehensive programs to others? Were we impressed with the results we could see on our own? Did the customers report positively on both the results they achieved and the relationship approach ZeeBlu delivered?
  • Who was ZeeBlu? We wanted to get passed the sales person and went to meet the team, see the offices and make sure this was a real company. The fact that they were local made all of this easy to follow through on.
  • We needed to insure ZeeBlu was ready to handle the unique marketing challenges of our situation. In this case ZeeBlu did not have a Not for Profit customer we could build confidence around. But they were willing to develop a digital marketing strategy for us during the decision phase – and in so doing we experienced a partner who proved they were creative, understood the unique character of our situation and added significant idea value to our project before we ever even signed a contract.
There’s probably two kinds of situations out there. Companies who are already investing and spending marketing dollars either on traditional marketing and/or on digital marketing. And companies who are not yet trying to harvest the potential business development windfall of an effective digital marketing program. We were in the latter group. So is the not for profit community in the Tricounties. ZeeBlu does not look for any kind of commitment to go through the exploration process, to understand where you are and could be, based on the unique market and business circumstances you have. You have nothing to lose. If you are not focused on digital marketing and your competition is not as well, you have the opportunity to be the first mover, so therefore you have lots to be gained. If your competition is focused on digital marketing, you can’t afford to give them the business development high ground. If you are already a believer in and investing in digital marketing, then the question becomes – what results are you getting, and what results could you be getting. Many of the ZeeBlu customers I spoke with were in this category. The all commented to me on how surprised they were in going through the digital marketing strategy process with ZeeBlu to see how little they were getting from their existing investment. Once again without any costs or commitment requirement, ZeeBlu was able to quantify business impact expectations and define a clear path to getting them. The value of exploring with ZeeBlu is you get to know where you are, where you could be and what value or lack thereof you are getting from your current internal resource efforts and external service provider expenses. Why would anyone not want to know this? When I ask myself why ZeeBlu is the right choice for anybody who's considering digital marketing, for me it comes down to three different items. The first is, you need to experience the personal connection that the ZeeBlu team brings to your time together. The second is you need to understand the price point. They are just more affordable and you have to look at your bottom line. Third is the detailed plan that they will come up with in the process. This will allow you to feel comfortable with and communicate to your stakeholders, why ZeeBlu is the right direction.

Camp Canine has been Santa Barbara’s premier pet resort, spa and training center since it opened its doors in 1984. Mary Sorosky and her husband, John, began building the dog haven with playtime in mind and Camp Canine now boasts of two play areas: Lake Splashmore and Camp Run-A-Muck. Complete with cabins, swimming pools, waterfalls, and plenty of room for dogs to run and jump around, Camp Canine is where every dog wants to be. The camp has over 30 years experience of raising and training dogs and cares for each of its guests and campers with a passion for his or her care and comfort. They also offer spa, exercise, training and transportation services.

Camp Canine wanted to stand out as every dog’s number one choice for a “day of play.” They wanted their camp branding to stand out across all of their media platforms, so ZeeBlu took over their website, email campaign, and Facebook page. With a brand as playful as their clients, we were able to easily engage fans with a hashtag campaign. We also initiated an SEO strategy to highlight Camp Canine’s other services such as grooming and boarding. And to top it all off, we created a monthly video campaign that also highlighted different aspects of the Camp Canine experience, which has gathered over 600 total views. By driving traffic between each of these mediums, their campers can become a part of a the Camp Canine family and culture.

Dario Furlati jumped into the restaurant business when he first moved from Italy to the United States. After working in Beverly Hills, Irvine and Aspen, Dario settled in Santa Barbara where he was the executive chef at Pane e Vino in Montecito and later a partner at Trattoria Via Vai, Bucatini, Ca’Dario Ristorante, Enoteca Primo and Tre Luna. He retained Ca’Dario as his own and opened Ca’Dario Pizzeria in December of 2012. Both locations boast of authentic Italian fare and wines, favored among locals. In fact, Ca’Dario was voted the best Italian restaurant in Santa Barbara in 2013.

While Ca’Dario has been a well established restaurant in Santa Barbara for many years, the Pizzeria is a rather new venture. Both locations were in need of a new website in order to update their online presence. ZeeBlu created two complementary websites for Ca’Dario and also photographed several of their dishes so their websites would appeal to appetites everywhere. We also took over Ca’Dario’s Facebook page and created another page focused on the Italian community here in Santa Barbara. We created “Italian Riviera, Santa Barbara” to bring together Italians, those who love Italian food, those looking for Italian events and those who can’t help but feel like their backyard looks an awful lot like Italy. The Italian Riviera page had over 50 fans within the first week of its launch and as a page sponsored by Ca’Dario, the restaurants are getting twice the exposure on Facebook.

Sorriso Italiano offers a taste of Italy in the heart of Isla Vista. The Gerli family moved to from Italy with the ambition to share their family recipes, each of which requires only the freshest and most natural ingredients. The restaurant serves authentic Italian food as well as beer and wine pairings. Their wine list is, in fact, the only in Isla Vista. The restaurant also offers weekly lunch specials, buffets, and wine tastings. Just as “Sorriso Italiano” translates to “Italian Smile,” this eatery is a favorite among students and Italian food lovers.

Sorriso Italiano wanted their website to distinguish themselves from other eateries in the area by showcasing their food and their community promotions. ZeeBlu spent the afternoon with Sorriso, photographing their dishes and ingredients as to highlight the fresh and authentic presentation that matches the flavors of each menu item. Sorriso’s website includes menu and ingredient descriptions as well as essential information about their catering and delivery services. Sorriso also wanted to showcase their community involvement and appreciation on the website and decided to carry this same focus into their email campaign. Before ZeeBlu, Sorriso had no reliable method about informing customers about specials, events, and wine tastings. With ZeeBlu’s help, Sorriso has collected hundreds of emails at their location and reaches each one with a monthly newsletter about what is new and happening at their favorite Italian spot. Attendance for events has grown and clicks to their “Order Now” buttons only prove just how much those customers truly love Sorriso’s authentic cuisine.

Cajun Kitchen Cafe was founded in 1984 and has continued to be a family-owned business for the past 30 years. Now with 5 locations from Goleta to Ventura, Cajun Kitchen is a staple for breakfast or lunch. The restaurant serves traditional dishes and Cajun specialties and has remained a favorite in the Santa Barbara area for several years. As ownership began transitioning to the latest generation, Cajun Kitchen has started to update their branding while still offering the same celebrated menu from years past.

Cajun Kitchen has succeeded with print and word of mouth advertising since 1984, but as their customer demographic has transitioned into the age of digital, Cajun Kitchen knew they should too. Before teaming with ZeeBlu, Cajun Kitchen had an outdated website that did not reflect the aesthetic changes the restaurant had started making. Their website and even menu were so outdated that they insisted on putting up a landing page until ZeeBlu’s design was complete.

Select Staffing is a leading provider of temporary staffing and employment services across the United States. Founded and headquartered in Santa Barbara, Select Staffing is very involved with the community and is a resource for both job seekers and companies. Their cutting-edge recruiting techniques match enthusiastic and qualified workers with jobs they will love and excel in.

While Select Staffing is a billion-dollar company with over 400 branches, they place a huge emphasis on community. Select turned to ZeeBlu to help them create a video campaign that would extend past their tutorials and reach the people behind the process. ZeeBlu came up with 5 videos for the company, including one that highlighted the CEO’s first jobs and another that gives the local story behind the national name. With these videos, Select is able to give their company the added personality they hope to share with each of their applicants and clients.

Massage Green Spa offers affordable luxury services to Santa Barbara. They offer several types of massage as well as facials and waxing services. Massage Green believes massage therapy should be a part of everyone’s wellness routine and offers spa memberships as well as walk-in appointments. Their soothing ambiance, range of essential oils, fresh spa water and community outreach lets Massage Green stand out among other spas in town.

As a part of a large franchise, Massage Green Spa wanted to differentiate themselves in Santa Barbara. While they had a corporate website, they were interested in creating their own website and voice while remaining loyal to the Massage Green brand. We created their new website in August of 2013 and redirected their SEO efforts to support their individual branch. ZeeBlu also started managing their Facebook account, creating one of the most engaging pages among Santa Barbara spas.

Steven Giles cooked through some of London’s finest restaurants before settling in Santa Barbara and opening the award-winning Sage & Onion in 1999, proudly serving fine dining cuisine until he closed its doors in 2007. After getting married & having 2 more kids, the food industry called the family back creating Sage & Onion Café to be a new breakfast and lunch spot with a take-away dinner option in Santa Barbara & Goleta. Sage & Onion Cafe is also home to XO Coffee, Old Town Goleta’s only coffee shop! Together, the two locations are the maintained by Steven and his wife, Maria.

Sage & Onion is focused on community as a favorite location in Old Town Goleta. The Cafe was in need of a website that showcased how much more Steven and Maria offered than just coffee and sandwiches. Their community contributions are highlighted throughout the website and the navigation and contact options make Sage & Onion stand out over other restaurants. ZeeBlu also wanted to introduce the Giles family to highlight the personal ties Sage & Onion has to its customers so we created a video that introduces Steven, his family, and the mission statement behind Sage & Onion. Together the website and video create a bond between the Cafe and its customers, helping them stand out in the community.

Santa Barbara Surfacing is a specialty coating company that has provided coating, waterproofing and surfacing services in California since 1993. Each of their employees are manufacturer trained and experts in their services. They cater to both commercial and residential projects, including the surfaces of the Carriage and Western Art Museum, UCSB, and the Santa Barbara Airport. “Why replace when you can resurface?”

Santa Barbara Surfacing was very skeptical of digital marketing but they decided to give ZeeBlu a chance to show them what it can do. We redesigned their website and updated the layout for easier navigation of service examples, color charts, and before and after photos. We also created a monthly email campaign, which generates the company an average of 5 jobs a month from the responses alone. In fact, their email open rate remains double of the industry average. We also implemented an SEO strategy that drives new leads to their website and often to their email opt-in as well. We have also helped Santa Barbara Surfacing update their Facebook page and created a 3 video strategy that highlights their commercial services, residential services, and the company as a whole.

meet the team

Roger Willmon
Board of Directors
Scott Martiny
CFO/Board of Directors
Chad Ratliffe
CEO/Board of Directors
Tori Bodin
Project Manager
Nick Zurovski
Head of Sales
Jason Messick
Creative Designer
Spenser Gabin
Head of Video & Photography
Fred Buckley
Head of Email Marketing & Copywriting
Christina Ruiz
Office Manager
Grace Doig
Marketing Consultant
Brian Mays
Marketing Consultant

Chad Ratliffe

Chad Ratliffe is a true visionary and entrepreneur. He has travelled to 49 of the United States and more than 20 countries overseas before coming back to Santa Barbara to marry his beautiful wife and start a family. He now has 5 children all within 6 years of age. Chad wanted to be a professional fisherman, follow up by his dream of NBA superstardom, but he settled on Entrepreneur. Chad is a novice beekeeper, chicken farmer and an official Ironman - he completed Ironman Florida in 2013. He still enjoys fishing, but most of all he enjoys spending time with his amazing wife and children.

Christina Ruiz

Christina Ruiz grew up on the central coast (she’s a 4th generation Californian!) and she has a degree in Marketing from CSUN. She’s had the travel bug since an early age, and she once spent two months backpacking through South America with her sister. Christina is a foodie, and a great cook, but unfortunately she has never gotten along very well with the oven (baking isn’t her forte). Her hobbies include painting, reading Stephen King novels, film—especially 80’s comedies and horror—karaoke, and road trips. Christina has an addiction to shoes, arachnophobia, and a cat named Pussy Galore.

Fred Buckley

Fred Buckley grew up in San Diego and has lived in Santa Barbara for eleven years. He graduated from UCSB with a degree in Film and Media Studies. During his senior year, Fred received the Lazarus Screenwriting Scholarship, which was juried by Tom Lazarus (Stigmata) and Scott Frank (Minority Report). Biking, surfing, and playing guitar are just a few of Fred’s passions. He also enjoys cooking and spending time with his two children. And of course, long walks on the beach and getting caught in the rain.

Jason Messick

Jason Messick has a talent for digital art and photography which was honed at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara — scope out his Instagram for some rad photos of his travels and family life. What Jason lacks in shiny watches, he makes up for is sweater vests. He is an amateur magician and the father of Sir Charles, the fish.

His favorite musician is Tom Waits and he does a very decent impression of almost anyone you can think of. You’re most likely to find Jason beastmode-ing in the Creative Suite and Wordpress, or mass emailing the newest Buzzfeed list. Also, he’s a real life Fruit Ninja and a self-proclaimed shoe hoarder.

Nick Zurovski

Nick Zurovski was born in San Jose. He graduated from UCSB with a degree in Business Economics, and he’s been a Santa Barbara resident ever since. Nick is an active guy. He’s a member of the second best kickball team in town—seriously, they’ve won second place for the past four years. Nick also coaches a pony baseball team: the Pirates. When he isn’t closing deals and doing anything and everything for his clients, Nick’s either playing softball, disc golf, or hiking around the Santa Barbara Mountains. He’s also been known to pick his favorite song, “Bubble Butt”, from any and every jukebox he finds.

Brian Mays

Roger Willmon

Roger Willmon, a veteran venture capital investor, has a long career of backing successful businesses. “The key criteria of any situation I look to become involved in, is the quality of the team involved, the clarity of the market, a strategy to dominate that market, and passionate leaders driven to achieve success. And of course, a business needs that indescribable spark.” Roger saw that spark in ZeeBlu, and his support has been invaluable to ZeeBlu's development.

Scott Martiny

Scott Martiny, a local Entrepreneur, has an extensive portfolio of business success around the country. He has executive management experience at Kronos Inc., InfoGenesis Inc., and Strategic Beverage Solutions. His experience recruiting, organizing, and training numerous direct sales forces has taken the ZeeBlu team to the next level. Scott's speeches usually involve one-liners from 80's movies; an ode to his sense of humor and his natural ability to lead and inspire.

Spenser Gabin

Spenser Gabin is a baller behind the camera. He got started in film doing goofy shorts with his friends in middle school. From there, he worked his way to Northwestern, where he graduated with a degree in Film and Production and a minor in World Domination. He has worked with the CEO of Dollar Shave Club, and he enjoys anything outdoors: cycling, hiking, camping, kayaking; he has been known to go paddle boarding at lunch. Spenser also likes to run quickly for extended periods of time.

He’s completed a marathon and recently placed first in a 5k. Spenser has a thing for Cliff Bars and dried fruit, and the use of BPA free water bottles is central to his religion. Charging dead batteries with his solar panel is a one his greatest pleasures.

Tori Bodin

Tori Bodin is a literary lover to the very core of her being. On multiple occasions, she’s been spotted reading Shakespeare in the park—no joke. She’s a Ventura native with a Bachelors Degree in English from UCLA; she proudly holds the title of resident grammar policewoman in the office. 284 of her 300 Instragram posts are of her dog London.

She loves indie music, and Coachella is her favorite holiday. On the weekend you can find her around Santa Barbara with her dog, hunting for happy hours. She is an avid contributor to and her blog is a great place to find trendy fashion tips and blurbs about local Santa Barbara and Ventura hot spots. She’s also enjoys skiing, and fantasizing about Porsches.

Grace Doig

She may hail from the windy city, but Grace is no monster of the midway. With running, hiking, and wave riding topping her to-do list, it’s no wonder she landed in Santa Barbara. When she’s not owning the beach on any given day, she’s owning some delicious food. She’s a lover of pizza, sub sandwiches, and well made hot dogs - we think that’s the Chicago in her. Growing up in a large Irish family, she developed people skills early on - which is why she can charm the pants off pretty much anybody now. She’s also a recognized expert on not just the Sopranos, but films and TV shows about the mafia in general. So if you need a wartime consigliere, you know where to find her.


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